Perfect Isn’t Easy: What You Need To Know For DIY Bridal Makeup

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When it comes to the big day, there can be a lot of hassle — making sure that everything and everyone is where they need to be, that the flowers get delivered and the food is prepared. With all of this stress and drama, the bridal makeup can get shoved to the side to make room for the dress fittings and cake tasting. If you’re getting ready for your wedding but are a little lost on how to fix your makeup, then here are a few tips to make bridal makeup a piece of (wedding) cake. Location, location, location You may think that your wedding venue only matters to the photographer, but you need to keep in mind the weather on your big day to make sure your makeup doesn’t go amiss. If you’re getting married in a warmer climate — and especially if you’ll be outdoors — consider investing in oil blotting sheets. These lovely little pieces of parchment will help to remove excess moisture from your skin without disturbing your makeup. Oil-free moisturizer and foundation are also good ideas for naturally dewy skin. More is less In most cases, a little subtle makeup goes a long way. Not so for your wedding — the photos, no matter how well done, will tend to wash you out, so make sure your makeup is a touch more dramatic than normal to ensure you don’t get lost in the shuffle. Make sure that you’re still comfortable — no one wants to feel like they’re buried under makeup — and that you look natural under both sunlight and artificial light. A good tip is to try on your makeup a few days before your wedding and have a friend take pictures inside and outside, so you know how your makeup plays in different environments — and in front of the camera. Start and finish The most important make up step for bridal makeup is to invest in a good skin primer. Primer keeps your face moisturized while making sure that the rest of your makeup stays firmly in place. With all of the different powders, creams, and liquids — foundation, eye shadow, liner, mascara, etc — you’re going to be applying, you’ll want to make sure that the makeup is set as soon as you apply it. When you’re done with your make up, seal it with a quick spray of light-hold hairspray. This will help you look runway ready all day long — no matter how many hugs you have to give. If you need more help, contact professional bridal services for more...

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4 Tips For Mixing And Matching Patterns In Your Wardrobe

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Mixing and matching fashionable women’s clothing can be a mystery for some women. There are some women who worry that they don’t know how to properly mix and match patterns and prints of clothing. Luckily, with these simple tips you can be sure to look your best, stay fashionable and wear a variety of clothing. 1. Focus On Color Rather Than Prints One mistake that people make is focusing too much on the pattern or the print of the clothing. In most cases you can put different prints together, for instance you can mix a floral top with a stripped skirt. The concern is with the color scheme. It is important that you make sure that each pattern stays within it’s own color scheme. So long as the colors match you should be fine putting a variety of different prints together. 2. Don’t Forget About Solids If you are worried that your outfit is a little too busy, try pulling in a solid. If you wear too many solid items the outfit might become a little boring. However, it you throw in one or two items that are solid colors that offset the prints, it can be a great compliment. In addition, having a solid colored piece of clothing can be a great way to pull out certain colors in your outfit. Perhaps, you wear a mustard scarf with a printed jacket. This is a great way to pull out the yellow in the outfit and accentuate the pattern. 3. Keep The Patterns Even It is important that you evenly distribute the mixture of patterns and solids throughout your outfit. For example, don’t wear a printed scarf, printed jacket and printed shirt with solid pants. This might get a little busy on the upper body and make you look disproportional. Instead, try keeping a couple pieces printed on the top with some on the bottom as well. That way it will avoid looking top or bottom heavy. 4. Mix Simple Patterns with Complex Patterns If you are worried about being too busy with your patterns, mix a simple pattern with a complex one. For instance, instead of putting a floral print right next to a checkered print; maybe put a stripe next to a checker, and a floral next to a solid. That way you won’t look too busy. By following these simple tips you can look fashionable and classy, while wearing a variety of great patterns and...

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2 Advantages Of Using A Teeth Whitening Pen Over A Teeth Whitening Tray

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If you are looking to get whiter teeth, you have a wide variety of choices at your fingertips. You may have heard of teeth whitening pens and whitening trays. They both work at whitening teeth. However, the teeth whitening pen presents two distinct advantages over the teeth whitening tray: Ease of Use There is nothing easier than taking a teeth whitening pen and brushing whitening solution on your teeth. The motion is similar to brushing teeth. All you have to do to use the teeth whitening pen is twist the base to apply the solution on the brush and then brush this solution to your teeth. The teeth whitening pen only takes seconds to use. Compare this ease with cumbersome teeth whitening trays. To use the teeth whitening tray, you would have to take out the tray, fill it with whitening solution, and then place it over your teeth. Even if the tray was not comfortable or a perfect fit, you would wear it anyway because it was supposed to take you to the goal of whiter teeth. Most teeth whitening pens contain peroxide as an active ingredient. Therefore, even though its use is quick and easy, it is still powerful when it comes to taking out stains. It removes stains from food such as red wine, coffee, and berries. It also takes out stains from cigarette smoke. Portability In addition to being easy to apply, teeth whitening pens are portable. A teeth whitening pen has a slim profile so you could carry it anywhere. For example, when you go to a restaurant and have coffee after your meal, you can excuse yourself to whiten your teeth. In addition, if you have to take a trip, you could easily pack a teeth whitening pen in the same way that you would your toothbrush. Packing a teeth whitening tray and its corresponding supplies are not as easy. In addition, while wearing the teeth whitening tray, you would have to play the part of a recluse. You could not go anywhere until your teeth whitening session with the tray was over. In contrast, with a tooth whitening pen, you can whiten your teeth on the go. Teeth whitening pens give you two distinctive advantages over whitening trays. They are simple to use and portable. There is a wide variety of teeth whitening pens on the market. Speak with your dentist about the right teeth whitening pen for your needs. To learn more, contact a company like Bleach...

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Why Elvis Is Such A Popular Theme In Las Vegas Weddings?

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Hundreds of couples get married every year in Las Vegas at an Elvis chapel with “Elvis” as the officiant at their wedding. Elvis Presley was a rock and roll singer who was born in Tupelo, Mississippi, but grew up in Memphis Tennessee. However, he became a hit in Las Vegas in 1969 when his first show at the International Hotel was sold out. Here are the reasons why Elvis is a popular theme for weddings in Vegas. New Artist The relationship between Elvis and Las Vegas did not start out as a romance. Elvis performed his first show in Vegas at the age of 21 in 1956. He was popular among teens, but not the typical entertainer that’s found on the Las Vegas Strip. The crowd was older and not a fan of his genre of music. Elvis performed for two weeks, but his shows were not a success. Popularity Elvis’ popularity grew in Vegas in 1969, which was the same year that The International Hotel opened. His first show back in Las Vegas was performed at the hotel to a sold out crowd. Elvis went on to perform on a regular basis at the International Hotel for the next seven years. According to Las Vegas Sun, Elvis entertained over 2.5 million people at the hotel during this timeframe. It was during 1969 through 1976 that the bond between the city and the singer was solidified. Viva Las Vegas Viva Las Vegas was a movie filmed in Las Vegas in 1963. It featured Elvis Presley and Ann-Margret. The movie has a scene of Elvis and Ann-Margret having a Vegas Wedding. It is also believed that this movie is the reason for the name of Sin City’s theme song, which is called Viva Las Vegas. Wedding Location Elvis and Priscilla Anne Beaulieu were married in Las Vegas at the Milton Prell’s Aladdin Hotel on May 1, 1967. He was 32 years old and she was 2l. According to People, the ceremony was in a quiet suite and lasted eight minutes. Many couples are fans of Elvis and like the way his music make them feel. The large fan base is one of the reasons for the popularity of Elvis themed weddings at places like A Little White Wedding Chapel. It is also a fun way to exchange your wedding nuptials. Elvis chapels have save many couples from the hassle of having to spend weeks planning their dream wedding. Elvis themed weddings are popular in Las Vegas because the city pays homage to Elvis the...

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Flash Art Vs. Custom Tattoos: Convenience And Speed Or Individuality And Freedom

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While many people see getting a tattoo as an expression of individuality, there is also a case to be made for tattoos as a means of displaying your membership and loyalty to a group or organization. A number of different counter-cultures have adopted tattooing as a means of being unique, but just as many groups use tattoos to create unity among their members and solidarity. When deciding between custom work and pre-drawn art, often called “flash”, make sure you know what you’ll get from both approaches so you can make a decision that fits the intent of the piece and your personal style. Making the Most of Flash Art While pre-drawn tattoo art is somewhat limiting in the freedom it provides, to the artist applying it to your body, it does make reproduction for several people much easier. It can be customized to some degree without significant alteration to the original design though, making it possible to add your own unique spin to the concept. As an added benefit, a lot less time needs to be spent drawing up your tattoo, which can make getting a flash tattoo more convenient. For groups, organizations or just a circle of friends, using pre-drawn tattoos can help to reinforce a bond you already share by giving you each a symbol of that bond to carry with you. Military personnel, fraternities, sororities, and many tribal cultures use this shared ordeal to strengthen the unity of a group. In addition, larger groups can use these as a way of identifying one another, such as military special forces units. Customized Self-Expression Through Body Art While not necessarily the original purpose behind tattooing, many people have chosen to use the art placed on their bodies as a means of commemorating events, individuals or ideals. This form of personalized art is most directly demonstrated through customized works designed specifically for a single client and never used again. While this approach can be used for group unity as with flash pieces, it is a lengthier process and involves a great deal of time spent shaping the final design with the artist applying it. Unlike pre-drawn designs, there is literally no limitation on what a custom tattoo can embody or look like. So long as it fits in the space available, and the detail is within the artist’s range, there isn’t much you can’t accomplish. As an added benefit, if you yourself are an artist, it’s possible to use a sketch or drawing you’ve created as the basis for your tattoo as well, granting you even greater attachment to the final piece. Tattoos can be used for many purposes, so when considering a new piece it’s a good idea to figure out the reason for it. This can help guide your decision-making and allow you to choose a form which is both convenient, unique and suited to your needs.(For...

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Get The Story Of The Wedding Ring

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Today, wedding rings are generally made of precious metals and are worn by both men and women and purchased from stores like Goldmark Jewelers. They are often worn on the fourth finger of the left hand, especially in the States. But that’s not the way it has always been, or the place that wedding rings have always been worn.  While Western habits are spreading, there are still countries and cultures where wedding rings are worn differently.  The History of the Wedding Ring The earliest recorded wedding rings were found in tombs in ancient Egypt. Some were made of things like braided reeds. The problem with those is that they were very fragile, so there weren’t too many found. Eventually, rings were made out of sturdier things, like ivory or leather.  The ancient Greeks and Romans turned wedding rings into something more like what is seen today. They started using metals like gold and silver as wedding rings. Typically it was only women who wore the rings. They were also the first to start putting the rings on the fourth finger of the left hand. That’s because they thought that there was a vein that went straight from the left ring finger to the heart. They called it the vena amoris, meaning vein of love. The rings in those ancient cultures were often highly decorated. They would have things like doves or flowers engraved on them. These rings were mostly only worn by women.  Eventually, the metal rings that the Romans and Greeks used turned into the wedding bands around the world today.  Wearing a Wedding Ring Today men and women both wear wedding rings. In the States and some Western European countries, the ring is still worn on the third finger of the left hand. That’s not the same for every country or culture.  For example, in the Jewish tradition, especially the more conservative or Orthodox traditions, a woman wears her wedding ring on the index finger of the right hand. However, in some countries women might switch their ring over to their left hand after the wedding. Their wedding rings are also generally just a plain gold band without any kind of decoration.  In Scandinavian countries, wedding rings are generally worn on the third finger of the right hand. Women also generally wear three different rings. One is their engagement ring, one is their wedding band, and the third stands for motherhood.  When people in India get married and the woman chooses to wear a wedding ring, they also wear their rings on their right hand. Indian women also wear other jewelry when they are married. They wear things like bangle bracelets on both arms that aren’t taken off unless the marriage ends. Wedding rings have been around for centuries. What they were made of, where they were worn, and who wore them changes from culture to culture. There...

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