Want To Go To Cosmetology School? Two Tips To Help You Finance It

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If you’re the kind of person who absolutely loves doing hair or makeup, you may be ready to start a professional career as a cosmetologist.  However, there may be one thing holding you back:  Money.  You may not be able to fit tuition into your budget, and aren’t too familiar with the other financial options available to you.  Use this information to learn more about how you can finance cosmetology school so you can become certified to do what you enjoy. Look For Continuing Education Loans Governmental student loans are traditionally issued to students who are attending four year colleges.  Since cosmetology school is classified as vocational training, you may find that government-issued loans for cosmetology training may be in short supply. However, vocational training is growing in popularity, especially since a recent study revealed that short-term vocational programs can sometimes pay off more than even a bachelor’s degree.  Because of this, more and more banks are offering continuing education loans that you can use to cover the costs of cosmetology school tuition, books and fees. Keep in mind that it’s important to select a school that is accredited.  Accreditation means that a school has met the requirements of an organization by sticking to stated guidelines.  Some banks won’t extend a continuing education loan to you if the school you have selected is not accredited, so make sure you check for this designation before enrolling. Checking for accreditation with an association such as the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences (NACCAS) is a good place to start. Consider An Apprenticeship While some people think that the days of apprenticeship are over, they are mistaken.  Many vocations still practice apprenticeship, and cosmetology is one of the fields engaged in it. When you become an apprentice, you’ll be able to learn the tricks of the trade under a skilled cosmetologist.  You’ll get hands on as well as book training, and since you’ll be actively involved and working, you’ll get either free or deeply discounted tuition.   You’ll find that the information you learn as an apprentice can go a long way toward helping you once you begin your own career.  Use a website such as this one to find apprenticeship programs in your state. Getting the money you need to pay for cosmetologist school is within reach if you know what to do.  Start using these financing tips right away so you can embark upon the journey to becoming a licensed cosmetologist. To learn more, contact a company like Cannella School of Hair...

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Tips For Properly Cleaning Your Cashmere Wrap

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If you’ve just bought your first cashmere wrap, you may be wondering if you need to find a dry cleaner to keep it looking its best. The truth is, while a dry cleaner may get your wrap clean, the chemicals used in the process will break down the cashmere fibers over time. Instead, you should hand wash your cashmere to keep it clean without causing long-term damage. Here are some tips to help you take care of your cashmere properly. Start with the Right Cleaner It is important that you use the right product to clean the cashmere. Anything too harsh will damage the fibers. Opt for a delicate clothing detergent that is free of bleach. As an alternative, you can also use mild dish soap or even baby shampoo. Create the Right Wash Environment Fill your tub about a quarter of the way with lukewarm water. You want it warm enough to make the detergent or shampoo bubble, but not so warm that it feels hot to the touch. Add a small amount of detergent, such as about a tablespoon. Make sure to dissolve the detergent in the water and mix it well. Handle the Cashmere Carefully Submerge the wrap in the water, then agitate it around in the tub. If there are any spills, focus carefully on those with a soft cloth to remove the debris. Leave the wrap to soak for about five minutes, then drain the tub. Rinse It Thoroughly Once the water has drained completely, refill the tub with fresh lukewarm water. The goal is to rinse all of the soap out of the wrap. Then, fold it over onto itself several times, pressing as you go to force out all of the excess water. Dry The Wrap Properly Place a clean, dry towel flat on a level surface. Lay the wrap on the towel. Then, start at one end and roll the wrap up in the towel so that it is completely rolled up. Press on it a couple of times to draw all of the moisture out. Unroll the wrap and lay it flat. Then, lay it across the top of a drying rack so that it stays flat, supported and open to air flow. It is important that your cashmere wrap be handled with care, because cashmere is a delicate material. With the tips presented here, you’ll be able to keep your wrap clean without the worry that harsh chemical exposure is going to lead to damage. Whether you’re shopping for Paula & Chlo cashmere wraps and scarves or other styles, keep these tips in...

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Eye Health: Natural Dietary Changes That May Help with Mild Myopia

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Myopia affects approximately 25 percent of Americans. This condition, also called nearsightedness, can be frustrating, especially when you want to see without the help of glasses, contacts, or surgery. If your myopia is a  mild case, there are some dietary changes that you may want to consider which might help strengthen your eyes. What Is Myopia? Myopia is a disorder that affects the way your eye absorbs light, which makes a major difference in the way that you see. The disorder can show up in two ways: the eye is a little longer than normal the cornea is a bit steep The aforementioned conditions will make the light focus in front of the retina instead of the entire retina, making your vision blurry when looking further away from yourself. You can consider the following to help with this condition.  Try Some Licorice Licorice is an ancient remedy that may promote eye health. It has anti-inflammatory properties that may help deal with mild myopia. That steep or long eye issue could be rooted in inflammation, which is how licorice can help your condition. Of course, this licorice must be in its natural form and cannot contain processed sugar, as this may inhibit the medicinal qualities needed to help your eyes. You should find licorice root at your local health food store or ethnic store, and opt for the organic option if they have it.  Other Dietary Changes to Consider Vitamin C is important to your eye health because your cornea contains collagen, and vitamin C helps your body make collagen. New and healthy collagen could help grow better tissue in the cornea, which could improve the steepness that is causing your myopia issue.  You should remember that vitamins work together with other nutrients, so make sure that your eyes get a healthy dose of more than just vitamin C. Make sure your body has the recommended daily amounts of the following for the good of your eyes: Calcium Fluoride Selenium Magnesium Chromium Vitamin D Most of these nutrients can be obtained with a well-balanced diet or supplements. The following are just a few things you can add to your diet to get these nutrients: Fermented foods like milk kefir or yogurt Dark, leafy greens Fruits Nuts Sprouted breads Fish Talk to your optometrist about this in more detail, as he or she may already know what nutrients you might be deficient in; this will help you hone in on the foods you need...

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4 Reasons Why You Need A Little Black Cocktail Dress

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If your wardrobe is in that place between college-student staples and a beginning collection of career separates, you’re probably thinking of ways to amp it up without too much financial commitment. That’s where the quintessential little black dress comes in. Following are four reasons why you should have at least one little black cocktail dress hanging in your closet. You’re an Adult Sophisticated functions attended by adults require proper clothing. Whether it’s the opera, a holiday gala, or a banquet in honor of your parent’s wedding anniversary, you need something in your closet that works for a variety of grownup functions. The little black dress can go from casually formal to full-on black tie depending on how you choose to accessorize. It’ll give you something to fall back on for those times when you’ve got a calendar full of social events and nothing to wear. You’ve Got a Romantic Dinner Date If you’ve got a dinner date after work and your schedule doesn’t allow for rushing home to change into something appropriate for candlelight and wine, put on your little black dress, add a blazer, and you’re ready for business. After work, slip the blazer off and slip a silky wrap over your shoulders, spritz on something heavenly, touch up your makeup, tousle your hair, and hello instant bombshell. You’re Fabulous Fabulous women wear little black dresses. The key to successful evening dressing is that no one can quite remember the details of the dress you were wearing, but people remain smitten with the overall impression of fabulousness you left in your wake long after the party ended. You can wear the same little black dress to different events for this very reason — you can mix it up with accessories and jewelry to the extent that it will seem as if you’ve never worn the same thing twice. Little black dresses also work for both casual and dressy occasions depending on how they’re accessorized. You’ve Got Pearls and Diamonds Nothing sets off seriously classic jewelry better than a little black cocktail dress. Pearls and diamonds in particular pair well with this classic wardrobe staple. The beauty of the little black dress is that it provides an ideal canvas for showcasing lustrous pearls, sparkling diamonds, and jewelry crafted with precious stones such as emeralds and rubies. Never pair a little black dress with typical fashion jewelry — save it for when the situation requires serious...

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Natural Ways To Fight Acne

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If you suffer from bad acne, there are some things you can do to help fight it on your own. By making a few changes to your lifestyle and using some products you may already have lying around your house; you can see a dramatic decrease in your acne. Follow the advice in this article to control your acne breakouts to the best of your ability: Drink a lot of water Water will help to remove toxins from your body naturally. This will help to clear up your acne and help you maintain healthy, moist skin. Plus, when you add more water in your diet, you will be replacing other drinks which may not be good for your skin, such as soda and sports drinks. Cut certain foods out of your diet Certain foods can trigger an acne breakout. Therefore, avoiding these foods will help fight acne. Salt can dehydrate your skin and make it harder to fend off acne. Carbohydrates can increase insulin levels which lead to hormonal changes and can cause you to have oilier skin, increasing the chances of a breakout. Alcoholic beverages can also dry your skin, making it more difficult for you to clear up acne. Wash your face with honey Honey has antibacterial properties and it can be very effective in preventing breakouts. To wash your face with the honey, you want to wet your face with a warm rag, take enough honey to lightly cover your face and massage it gently into your skin for a few minutes. Take the warm, moist rag and use it to remove the honey. Don’t wash your face with hand soap Many people wash their face with bar soap. This will quickly dry out your skin. Not only does this make acne stick around longer, but it can also lead to blotchiness and itchy skin. If you don’t have honey on hand, it’s better to simply wash with hot water or a mild facial wash. Don’t touch your face When you touch your face, you will be putting more oils and dirt on it. This can clog up your pores which lead to an acne breakout. Keep your hair off your face Your hair can get quite oily during the day. Letting your hair to come in contact with your face allows the oils to transfer onto the skin and clog pores. This is why you want to come up with a way to keep bangs off your forehead. If you have tried all the tips above and you still have a problem with acne, then you should go see a dermatologist like Center Of Dermatology PC/Herschel E Stoller MD. They can prescribe you something to clear it up and give you extra tips on keeping it from coming...

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4 Ways To Maintain The Value Of Your Designer Purses

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If you have a designer handbag collection, you have probably spent quite a bit of money on your purses. Therefore, you probably want to maintain their value; then, if you decide to sell them, you can get as much for them as possible. Luckily, following these tips will help you maintain your purses’ value for a long time to come. 1. Keep All Accompanying Items Although you might be tempted to rip off the tags and start using your new purse as soon as possible, it’s important to use some care when unpacking your handbag and using it for the first time. Carefully cut off any tags, and keep the original packaging, stuffing and accompanying paperwork. You may need these items to help prove that your bag is authentic if you choose to sell it later on. 2. Store Them Properly Make sure that you store your purses properly to keep them clean and looking like new. Your purses should come with dust bags, which are designed to keep your bag clean and safe from debris. If you don’t have a dust bag for each of your purses, you can also store them in pillowcases. Also, make sure that you wipe off your bags before storing them, and keep them in a cool, dry and clean place. The top shelf of a closet is a great place to store designer purses when they aren’t in use. 3. Be Careful When Cleaning If you spill something on one of your purses or otherwise notice dirt or a stain, you’ll probably want to clean your bags as soon as possible. However, you should always be careful when cleaning to help prevent fading, staining or other damage. For example, you should only use leather cleaners when cleaning leather bags. You can also take your bags to a shoe repair store or other place that offers professional leather cleaning services. Also, make sure that you condition your bags with a leather conditioner to keep them supple and beautiful and to prevent cracking. 4. Rotate Your Bags You probably don’t need another excuse to buy new handbags, but it is a good idea to rotate your bags regularly. Regular everyday use can cause staining and damage to your bags, but if you swap them out and use different ones every few months, you can help keep each bag in its best possible shape. As you can see, there are a few things that you can do to help maintain the value of your designer purses. Follow these tips, and your purses should stay valuable for a long time to...

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