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Why Handmade Soap Beats Out The Store Stuff

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When it comes to soap, there are all kinds of it available.  However, some soap is definitely better and more high quality than others. For example, just grabbing some mass-made soap at the local supermarket or drugstore definitely pales in comparison to buying handmade soap made from natural ingredients. While handmade soap can be a bit more expensive- after all, it's literally made by hand, it is worth it because of its many advantages.

Healthful Ingredients

To start off with, true, natural soaps are made from lots of healthy, natural ingredients that are just great for your body and skin.

Some of the most common ingredients found in handmade soap are vegetable oils, butters, and other vitamin-packed components. When you rub antioxidant-rich, nutrient-dense soap over your body, you can just imagine the impact this has on your skin...and the gorgeous, glowing complexion that is sure to result.

A Cure for Dry Skin

Another thing that many people notice when they make the switch from standard, store-bought soap to natural soap is that any issues they've had with dry skin start to clear up right away.

Many people get irritated by the harsh, unnatural ingredients that are typically found in commercial soaps. This can lead not only to dry skin but to breakouts, itching, and other skin problems as well.

Fortunately, though, making the switch to handmade soap clears up dryness and a host of other issues for most people who choose to go this route.

Ethically Made

Not only can handmade soap benefit your body, but it can ease your conscience as well. Mass-made commercial soaps are often created in factories, sometimes by poorly paid laborers, which should give you cause for ethical concern.

Handmade soaps, though, are made by true artists who enjoy what they do and who do it by choice. Doesn't it feel a whole lot better using a product that was safely and fairly made than one that was created through the suffering and unfair treatment of others?

Strong, Luxurious Scents

Finally, if you've ever sniffed a bar of handmade soap, then you know that it smells absolutely heavenly! The fresh, natural ingredients used make the soap smell truly amazing, instead of chemical and "fake" the way most commercial soaps smell.

It also feels good to know that your soap's smell is coming from natural, earth-made ingredients, rather than unnatural, potentially unhealthy ingredients; that knowledge, as well as the rest of the advantages discussed here, makes it a whole lot easier to take a deep sniff and enjoy your bath or shower. Contact a business, such as Flowersong LLC , for more information.