Two Very Good Reasons To Look Into Modest Fashion — And Three Ways To Pull It Off Successfully

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If you’re a woman looking for some new styles to add to your wardrobe, or even if you’re looking to give yourself a bit of a makeover, start looking at fashion blogs that focus on what’s known as “modest” dressing. Modest fashion is often associated with highly religious lifestyles, but that isn’t always the case. In fact, while some modest fashion blogs are geared toward stylish religious dress, others are geared simply toward clothes that have longer hemlines or higher necklines — but that still look very good and very modern. Here are two reasons why dressing modestly may be just what you’re looking for, plus three ways to pull it off (pun intended) successfully.     More Relaxing Wearing clothing that has a little more material to it can make it less of an effort to wear the clothing. What that means is that you’re not constantly having to move the shoulder of your blouse back up or having to check that your shorts haven’t started showing a little too much in back. If wind hits a short skirt, it can send that skirt flying up. But if the wind hits a longer skirt, you’re less at risk of showing the world what you’re wearing underneath it. There’s just less worry and concern that goes into keeping the clothing in place and looking good. It may seem like a small issue to have to adjust your clothing, but it can really take up a lot of your subconscious attention. Diverse Styles Modest fashion doesn’t restrict what you can wear — it adds to it. Add in more modest styles like maxi skirts and different sleeve lengths on shirts, and you’ve just increased the number of styles you can choose from. Start looking at dresses that have lengths anywhere from just above the knee to all the way down to the ground, and you’ve enlarged the range of dresses in which you can look for outfits. It’s that simple. You simply have a greater variety of clothing to choose from. Diversify Patterns and Colors If you do want to include more modest fashion in your wardrobe, diversify the patterns and colors you wear. It’s fine to emphasize your favorites, but don’t stick to just a couple of colors overall. Even if the main piece you wear is one color, add a sweater or scarf that has a delicate print on it. Ensure you have a few pieces in bold colors and busy patterns as well as more sedate solid colors. Reduce the Use of Empire Waists Dresses with empire waists, those high waists that sit around the bottom of your bust (note: not dresses that have built-in curved waists and a seam where an empire waist would go, but those that have actual empire waists only), can be fashionable. But if you’re dressing modestly and thus using longer sleeves...

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Creating The Master Bath Of Your Dreams

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If you are planning on doing some updating to your bathroom, why not create a space that lives up to your master bath dreams? With a few basic tips and some clever remodeling, your bathroom can become a place that you go to relax, unwind, and get ready for whatever life has in store for you. Some things to think about when planning your bathroom project are: A shampoo station. Make doing your hair easier with a shampoo station in your bathroom. Invest in a salon-style shampoo bowl, with comfy chair of course, and enjoy the convenience of this dedicated space. Talk with your plumber about plumbing in your shampoo station, and adding mirrors to finish your project. For a shampoo bowl, contact a company such as Wholesale Salon Equipment. A sitting area. If you are fortunate enough to have enough space, create a sitting area in your master bath. This can be as simple as adding one comfortable chaise or chair, or you may want to invest in some cool, contemporary sectional seating. You will find it truly relaxing to be able to lounge in a special spot in your master bath. Add a bidet. A bidet is an easy way to bring a sense of luxury to any bathroom, and who doesn’t want one in their master bathroom? These will require professional plumbing installation and are typically located directly next to your bathroom’s toilet. Spacious storage. You will want some storage in your dream bathroom, so plan on reinventing some closet space or constructing some shelving. If space permits, add a partition such as a dressing screen near your closet for a makeshift dressing area to change in and store your clothing. Contractors may be able to come up with clever ways to carve out additional storage space in smaller bathrooms. The right light. Often times, the atmosphere of a room comes down to the lighting. For your bathroom, you want something romantic and muted, yet you also need illumination for the many things that you do here such as apply makeup or shave. Invest in some attractive task lamps and pendant fixtures to supplement the ambient lighting of your space, such as all-over track lighting. There are many ways to transform a simple bathroom into the master bath that you have been dreaming of in your home. Talk with contractors and home improvement experts regarding plumbing and electrical work, as well as to discover ways to optimize your bathroom’s square-footage. In no time, you will be lounging and enjoying your new, dreamy master bath...

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