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Perfect Isn't Easy: What You Need To Know For DIY Bridal Makeup

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When it comes to the big day, there can be a lot of hassle -- making sure that everything and everyone is where they need to be, that the flowers get delivered and the food is prepared. With all of this stress and drama, the bridal makeup can get shoved to the side to make room for the dress fittings and cake tasting. If you're getting ready for your wedding but are a little lost on how to fix your makeup, then here are a few tips to make bridal makeup a piece of (wedding) cake.

Location, location, location

You may think that your wedding venue only matters to the photographer, but you need to keep in mind the weather on your big day to make sure your makeup doesn't go amiss. If you're getting married in a warmer climate -- and especially if you'll be outdoors -- consider investing in oil blotting sheets. These lovely little pieces of parchment will help to remove excess moisture from your skin without disturbing your makeup. Oil-free moisturizer and foundation are also good ideas for naturally dewy skin.

More is less

In most cases, a little subtle makeup goes a long way. Not so for your wedding -- the photos, no matter how well done, will tend to wash you out, so make sure your makeup is a touch more dramatic than normal to ensure you don't get lost in the shuffle.

Make sure that you're still comfortable -- no one wants to feel like they're buried under makeup -- and that you look natural under both sunlight and artificial light. A good tip is to try on your makeup a few days before your wedding and have a friend take pictures inside and outside, so you know how your makeup plays in different environments -- and in front of the camera.

Start and finish

The most important make up step for bridal makeup is to invest in a good skin primer. Primer keeps your face moisturized while making sure that the rest of your makeup stays firmly in place. With all of the different powders, creams, and liquids -- foundation, eye shadow, liner, mascara, etc -- you're going to be applying, you'll want to make sure that the makeup is set as soon as you apply it.

When you're done with your make up, seal it with a quick spray of light-hold hairspray. This will help you look runway ready all day long -- no matter how many hugs you have to give. If you need more help, contact professional bridal services for more information.