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4 Tips For Mixing And Matching Patterns In Your Wardrobe

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Mixing and matching fashionable women's clothing can be a mystery for some women. There are some women who worry that they don't know how to properly mix and match patterns and prints of clothing. Luckily, with these simple tips you can be sure to look your best, stay fashionable and wear a variety of clothing.

1. Focus On Color Rather Than Prints

One mistake that people make is focusing too much on the pattern or the print of the clothing. In most cases you can put different prints together, for instance you can mix a floral top with a stripped skirt. The concern is with the color scheme. It is important that you make sure that each pattern stays within it's own color scheme. So long as the colors match you should be fine putting a variety of different prints together.

2. Don't Forget About Solids

If you are worried that your outfit is a little too busy, try pulling in a solid. If you wear too many solid items the outfit might become a little boring. However, it you throw in one or two items that are solid colors that offset the prints, it can be a great compliment.

In addition, having a solid colored piece of clothing can be a great way to pull out certain colors in your outfit. Perhaps, you wear a mustard scarf with a printed jacket. This is a great way to pull out the yellow in the outfit and accentuate the pattern.

3. Keep The Patterns Even

It is important that you evenly distribute the mixture of patterns and solids throughout your outfit. For example, don't wear a printed scarf, printed jacket and printed shirt with solid pants. This might get a little busy on the upper body and make you look disproportional. Instead, try keeping a couple pieces printed on the top with some on the bottom as well. That way it will avoid looking top or bottom heavy.

4. Mix Simple Patterns with Complex Patterns

If you are worried about being too busy with your patterns, mix a simple pattern with a complex one. For instance, instead of putting a floral print right next to a checkered print; maybe put a stripe next to a checker, and a floral next to a solid. That way you won't look too busy.

By following these simple tips you can look fashionable and classy, while wearing a variety of great patterns and prints.