2 Advantages Of Using A Teeth Whitening Pen Over A Teeth Whitening Tray

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If you are looking to get whiter teeth, you have a wide variety of choices at your fingertips. You may have heard of teeth whitening pens and whitening trays. They both work at whitening teeth. However, the teeth whitening pen presents two distinct advantages over the teeth whitening tray: Ease of Use There is nothing easier than taking a teeth whitening pen and brushing whitening solution on your teeth. The motion is similar to brushing teeth. All you have to do to use the teeth whitening pen is twist the base to apply the solution on the brush and then brush this solution to your teeth. The teeth whitening pen only takes seconds to use. Compare this ease with cumbersome teeth whitening trays. To use the teeth whitening tray, you would have to take out the tray, fill it with whitening solution, and then place it over your teeth. Even if the tray was not comfortable or a perfect fit, you would wear it anyway because it was supposed to take you to the goal of whiter teeth. Most teeth whitening pens contain peroxide as an active ingredient. Therefore, even though its use is quick and easy, it is still powerful when it comes to taking out stains. It removes stains from food such as red wine, coffee, and berries. It also takes out stains from cigarette smoke. Portability In addition to being easy to apply, teeth whitening pens are portable. A teeth whitening pen has a slim profile so you could carry it anywhere. For example, when you go to a restaurant and have coffee after your meal, you can excuse yourself to whiten your teeth. In addition, if you have to take a trip, you could easily pack a teeth whitening pen in the same way that you would your toothbrush. Packing a teeth whitening tray and its corresponding supplies are not as easy. In addition, while wearing the teeth whitening tray, you would have to play the part of a recluse. You could not go anywhere until your teeth whitening session with the tray was over. In contrast, with a tooth whitening pen, you can whiten your teeth on the go. Teeth whitening pens give you two distinctive advantages over whitening trays. They are simple to use and portable. There is a wide variety of teeth whitening pens on the market. Speak with your dentist about the right teeth whitening pen for your needs. To learn more, contact a company like Bleach...

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Why Elvis Is Such A Popular Theme In Las Vegas Weddings?

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Hundreds of couples get married every year in Las Vegas at an Elvis chapel with “Elvis” as the officiant at their wedding. Elvis Presley was a rock and roll singer who was born in Tupelo, Mississippi, but grew up in Memphis Tennessee. However, he became a hit in Las Vegas in 1969 when his first show at the International Hotel was sold out. Here are the reasons why Elvis is a popular theme for weddings in Vegas. New Artist The relationship between Elvis and Las Vegas did not start out as a romance. Elvis performed his first show in Vegas at the age of 21 in 1956. He was popular among teens, but not the typical entertainer that’s found on the Las Vegas Strip. The crowd was older and not a fan of his genre of music. Elvis performed for two weeks, but his shows were not a success. Popularity Elvis’ popularity grew in Vegas in 1969, which was the same year that The International Hotel opened. His first show back in Las Vegas was performed at the hotel to a sold out crowd. Elvis went on to perform on a regular basis at the International Hotel for the next seven years. According to Las Vegas Sun, Elvis entertained over 2.5 million people at the hotel during this timeframe. It was during 1969 through 1976 that the bond between the city and the singer was solidified. Viva Las Vegas Viva Las Vegas was a movie filmed in Las Vegas in 1963. It featured Elvis Presley and Ann-Margret. The movie has a scene of Elvis and Ann-Margret having a Vegas Wedding. It is also believed that this movie is the reason for the name of Sin City’s theme song, which is called Viva Las Vegas. Wedding Location Elvis and Priscilla Anne Beaulieu were married in Las Vegas at the Milton Prell’s Aladdin Hotel on May 1, 1967. He was 32 years old and she was 2l. According to People, the ceremony was in a quiet suite and lasted eight minutes. Many couples are fans of Elvis and like the way his music make them feel. The large fan base is one of the reasons for the popularity of Elvis themed weddings at places like A Little White Wedding Chapel. It is also a fun way to exchange your wedding nuptials. Elvis chapels have save many couples from the hassle of having to spend weeks planning their dream wedding. Elvis themed weddings are popular in Las Vegas because the city pays homage to Elvis the...

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