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Benefits Of Implementing Dry Shampoo Into Your Hair Care Routine

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If you are someone who washes their hair on a daily basis and have started to experience signs of irritation and hair breakage, this is due to the fact that daily hair washing actually minimizes the natural scalp oils that are essential in maintaining healthy hair and a moisturized scalp. While it is definitely important to maintain proper hygiene, many liquid shampoos and conditioners contain ingredients such as sodium lauryl sulfate, a chemical that can irritate the scalp, which in turn can lead to breakage and dryness. Fortunately, there is a solution for individuals who simply cannot go a day or two with washing their hair. Dry shampoo is a new and innovative cleansing product that allows for fresh, clean hair without drying the scalp. Read on to learn more about dry shampoo and the benefits of implementing it into your hair care regimen.

What is Dry Shampoo?

Dry shampoo is a powder-based hair cleanser that absorbs dirt and oil build-up without water. It works in a similar fashion to blotting papers by soaking up excess impurities while leaving the scalp's natural oils intact. Dry shampoo can be dusted onto the hair or sprayed on through a canister or pump bottle. Dry shampoo works best on completely dry hair and works best when applied to the roots and hairline.

Benefit One- Optimal Scalp Hydration

While a common belief is that oily hair equals dirty hair, the reality is that the scalp needs oil in order to remain healthy and hydrated. Daily hair washing and hot water can strip the hair of natural scalp oils, which in turn can lead to limp, lifeless hair and chronic dry scalp. Dry shampoo allows the natural oils produced by the scalp to continue doing their job while minimizing the "shiny" appearance that can cause the hair to appear greasy and dirty.

Benefit Two- Minimize Frizz

Individuals with naturally curly hair often rely on blow-out treatments or hot iron straightening techniques to keep their unruly curls at bay. Humidity, excess oil and hot water can cause the hair to frizz up, which can be extremely frustrating for individuals who have just spent hours in the salon. Applying dry shampoo to hair roots immediately following a hair treatment or prior to working out can help to protect the hair from excess moisture, which in turn can prolong the results of blow-outs and hair straightening procedures.

Benefit Three- Voluminous Hair

Individuals with naturally thin hair often attempt to thicken their locks with volumizing conditioners, but these products can lead to excessive build-up and actually weigh down the hair. Dry shampoos contain cornstarch and baking soda, ingredients that naturally add volume by neutralizing excess oils, allowing for full and fresh hair without added moisture.

Healthy Scalp, Beautiful Hair

Excessive hair washing essentially strips the scalp of its beneficial properties, which in turn can lead to dull, dry hair and skin irritation. Alternating your regular shampoo with dry shampoo can help to ensure that your scalp remains healthy and moisturized, allowing for beautiful and vibrant hair.

It may take you a while to find the best dry shampoo for your hair, so consider buying small bottles of a few different types, to figure out which one works on your hair.